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Márcia e Joe

Márcia e Joe



We organized some information to help you plan your trip to Brazil and join us at our wedding.

Separamos algumas opções para ajudar vocês, nossos queridos convidados, a se prepararem para o grande dia.

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    Travel and Transportation

    Viagem e Transporte

    Hercílio Luz International Airport (FLN) is the only airport on the island.
    Further information will be provided regarding transfer airport-hotel-wedding venue-hotel.

    Mais informações serão fornecidas sobre transporte aeroporto-hotel-local do casamento-hotel.

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    Visa - U.S. Citizens

    To enter Brazil, all U.S. citizens, including infants, must have both a passport and a tourist visa. Applicants may apply for an E-visa and obtain it online, via the website www.vfsglobal.com/brazil-evisa. The Brazilian E-visa costs $40, and has a maximum validity of two years. It is recommended to apply for your visa at least six weeks prior to your trip. Contact marciaejoewedding@gmail.com if you need help with your visa application.

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    Visa - Non U.S. Citizens

    Do you need a visa?
    Brazil adopts a policy of reciprocity regarding visas. This means that nationals of countries that require visas for Brazilian citizens will need a visa to travel to Brazil. Brazil has signed visa exemption agreements with about 90 countries. Check on the website (link above) to know if you need a visa to visit Brazil. Contact marciaejoewedding@gmail.com if you need help with your visa application.

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    Accomodation I - Villas Jurerê

    Beach resort located in Jurerê, one of the fanciest and most exclusive hot spots of the Brazilian coast, the Hotel complex includes rooms and residencies.
    Book your room before the 15th of august 2018! Mention the code "Casamento Márcia e Joe" and receive a big discount.

    Faça a sua reserva antes de 15 de agosto de 2018 para garantir estadia com desconto. Use o código "Casamento Márcia e Joe".

    Digite aqui o endereço de origem para traçar a rota
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    Private Driver / Taxi

    FRANCISCO: +55 48 99957 5066

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    New Year's Eve in Brazil

    New Year’s Eve in Brazil is one of the most special days of the year. Either for religious or purely personal reasons, Brazilians take the welcoming of the new year very seriously, holding large celebrations and taking part in a number of rituals and traditions. The New Year's Eve in Brazil is best celebrated by the beaches, under the open skies, when summer temperatures are at its peak. We recommend to extent your trip until the 1st of January of 2019 and enjoy New Year's Eve with us.